what to eat to gain weight-Gain Weight Through Diet

What To Eat To Gain Weight-Gain Weight Through Diet

in these days underweight is a problem faced by lots of people.They quickly want to be fat or increase weight.

everyone wants to maintain his weight well, many of them make it complicated to gain weight.

And many people facing underweight since their birth they got rejected too many places, someones teases them.so, they join a gym for getting a muscular body.

there are lots of ways to increase weight in some of them are beneficial and some are not.Here is the list:

By Diet:

What to Eat to Gain Weight-By taking heavy diet and meals we can increase our weight faster here is the list of diets:

Milk has been used for decades to gain muscular body or increase weight.

it provides protein carbs and fats and a good source of calcium, vitamins, and minerals.That strengthens our body and transform quickly.

how to gain weight


it can be used as a mass gainer or a whey protein for those who want a muscular body consume 500ml of milk with an additional banana, oats, eggs in it will work faster and give better results.

what to eat to gain weight

Rice is rich in carbs they provide high carbs at low cost if we consume a high amount of rice it will help to get a muscular body.

how to gain weight

Peanuts and butter are perfect choices for gaining weight.

Just one handful of almonds contains 8-gram of protein and 20 gm of fats.

They all are high calories food if we take 2-3 times in a day it provides lots of protein and fats and carbs.

Butter makes foods tastier and health also, add Butter to milk and with almonds for faster results.it provides proteins and others important vitamins, not oils.

what to eat to gain weight

An Average egg contains 70-80gm calories,7 gm protein,7gm Fat and some amount of carbohydrates.All the bodybuilders used to take 3-5 eggs daily for muscle growth because if we take 5 eggs daily means we are consuming 20-25 gm of protein it converts it into muscle.you can take egg as milkshakes or boiled or as omelets.

The eggs contain good cholesterols which actually decrease the amount of unhealthy cholesterol in the body.

if you are trying to gain weight you have to take heavy breakfast eggs with meats.

meats are fulfilled with high protein and carbs that helps in muscle growth.

what to eat to gain weight

The fruit has a high amount of calories that they may surprise you.a small apple contains 50 calories and a cup of dates has 450-500 calories.

Fruit can be the perfect snack because it fulfilled with vitamins and minerals.

how to gain weight

salmon is generally known for weight gaining food which has fats, and a lot of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients in it that is required for muscle building.try it 2-3 times in a week for faster muscle growth.

it is the best weight gaining food to increase in short period of time.

  • Banana:

what to eat to gain weight

Banana plays an essential role in weight gaining a role in our body.it provides a high amount of calories and proteins almost 150-200 cal. from3-4 bananas.Serving 4-5 bananas daily provide high nutrition that helps in muscle growth.

The banana provides instant energy to our body that you consume while playing any sports.

  • Pasta:

what to eat to gain weight

it’s Another Amazing healthy and tasty food which is important for weight gain Because it is a GOOD source of protein and vitamins which helps in Weight Gain.

it comes with good complexes and it’s amazing in adding some extra muscle.

  • Soya Beans:

what to eat to gain weight

soya Beans are among best foods that can assist in weight gain.It is dense with calories and proteins.many people not like it more they don’t Know About it.

So, Taste it helps a lot and many Bodybuilders used to eat this once in a day.

  • Yogurt:

what to eat to gain weight

Many people know it benefits that it helps in gain weight Actually it is the best-rated food with lots of protein and calcium.

yogurt comes with milk can result in effective weight gain by providing the body with the high amount of calories.

  • Dried fruits:

what to eat to gain weight

it is one of the best healthy foods to gain weight because it has a source of fiber, nutrients and high amount calories that provide a body good shape.It contains minerals and vitamins for Bodybuilding and muscle GROWTH.

If you want to gain weight faster Eat dried fruits twice or thrice a day it is high in calories.

  • Cheese:

what to eat to gain weight

A small amount of cheese provides 60-70 calories to our body and it has proteins as well as vitamins.if we take it in a high amount.

it leads to fat because it has also cholesterol.it is the also the best and effective in weight Gaining.

  • Butter:

what to eat to gain weight

For Long-term Weight gain, there is nothing better than butter it is sweet in taste and healthy for our body.Regular consumption of butter leads to muscle and weight growth but not in high Amount.


how to gain weight

This food provides huge Amount of calories and fat.it contains 300-350 calories in general sized avocado and 30 gm of fat.Avacodo is a better diet for skinny peoples for faster weight gaining.It is the most energetic fruits on the planet it is bit expensive but it is also helpful.


what to eat to gain weight

Dark chocolate is rich in nutrition like in Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese and in other minerals.And it also Improves the blood pressure and lower blood pressure.

A 100gm of dark chocolate contains 500 calories and Dark Chocolate is a good Source of Antioxidants.

it is a lot better than many junks food that harms a body.So, consume it 3-4 times in a week for better Result.

if you want more tips visit here.


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